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The Internationalization Story Of Shenzhen Brands
Jan 22, 2019

The Shenzhen brand is facing the top competition in the global innovation chain on its way to internationalization, which always starts with technological innovation and industrial upgrading. It has made a unique contribution to the transformation of the Chinese brand, from processing to creation, in a variety of fields.

Frontier Science and Technology: The Shenzhen brand's overseas market development starts with developed countries in Europe and the U.S., and then expands all over the world.

Hytera regards the U.S. as the first stop in expanding to the international market. BGI started at the Laboratory of the Human Genome Project at the University of Washington, USA. UBTECH became the first supplier of intelligent robots to enter Apple's global flagship store. 

Unlike many of the early traditional Chinese enterprises that tried "going global," Shenzhen's leading technology brands regard developed countries in Europe and the United States as the starting point on the road to globalization.

UBTECH, as an innovative representative of Shenzhen, has aimed to internationalize its brand since its establishment. 

From technological research and development to the promotion of Chinese and English brands and global sales, "internationalization" is the inherent spirit of UBTECH, and accelerates the development of innovative enterprises like UBTECH.

In April 1995, Hytera developed the first professional wireless communication product in China, the C160 analog walkie-talkie.

In May 2017, the company announced its Intelligence Fusion Private Network solution at the Hytera Global Summit. 

Hytera has changed the status quo of the industry, pushing private network communications into a new era of intelligent integration.

Since 2015, BGI has released a number of independently developed domestic sequencers to further reduce the cost of gene sequencing, effectively promote the transformation of genetic technology achievements and realize the benefits of genetic technology for mankind.

In 1991, Li Jianquan founded the Winner brand. 

Since its inception, it has been devoted to the pursuit of quality and the establishment of national brands. Nowadays, Winner has become the leader in the medical dressing industry in China. Starting in developed countries, such as Europe, the U.S. and Japan, Winner has opened the way for expanding into the global market.

High-end Manufacturing Industry: Overcoming technical difficulties to win the trust of customer

The internationalization of Fangda and CSG Holding can be regarded as a microcosm of the internationalization of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. 

The strategy is to overcome the difficulties of technology and R&D, by having products or technologies conquer the international market in order to gain the support and trust of global customers.

Xiong Haigang, assistant president of Fangda group, admitted that after the "one belt and one road " initiative was proposed in 2013, the demand for infrastructure like railways, airports and ports continued to grow in most of the developing countries and emerging economies along the "one belt one road." 

Fangda has won over the market with its continuous innovation of both technologies and services, and has gradually become the global leader in the manufacturing of shielded doors for metros.

CSG Holding has had a global vision since its inception. It has attracted giant international companies through its continuous technological innovation. In the view of Yang Xinyu, secretary of the CSG Holding board, the process goes from learning from foreign counterparts, to independent innovation and finally to establishing national brands. 

The process requires learning from the strengths of various countries, while at the same time jointly developing with domestic design institutes away from the manufacturing industry and toward an independent research and development path.

Traditional building decoration enterprises also have many opportunities under the "one belt one road" initiative. 

Qixin set sail from Shenzhen on its journey of internationalization. From the Vietnam-China Friendship Palace to Equatorial Guinea Physical Education Institute, Qixin has left many exquisite buildings with Shenzhen characteristics in countries all over the world.

Cultural Creative Industry: Leading the New Custom of Culture Consumption with the Charm of Art 

Shenzhen's brands, such as Artron, International Professional Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and Shenzhen Watch Industry Association, which attach importance to time culture, have explored innovative ways for Shenzhen's cultural brands with both "global visions" and "Shenzhen characteristics" to go international.

With technological innovation in line with the world, Artron has transformed from traditional printing into an art and design oriented cultural enterprise. Its goal is to improve people's lives.

If Artron's printing art is a "visual language" that crosses national boundaries, the world's common language of orchestra is the link of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra internationalization.

Since the 1990s, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra has been learning from the professional experience of international symphony orchestras, breaking the traditional "seniority-based" ways and offering a large number of young people have the opportunity to take the lead in the various parts of the symphony orchestra through global open recruitment.

Although we can't go back to the past, we can seize the future. Shenzhen Watch Association leads local watch and clock enterprises in attaching importance to fashion in technology, extending the development of the wearable industry to artificial intelligence, exporting sophisticated intelligent manufacturing capabilities to other manufacturing industries, and transmiting Shenzhen's "time culture" to global consumers.

Niu Huayong, Dean of International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University, said in an interview that in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Shenzhen has become a well-known capital of innovation in China, and even the world.

The reason is that Shenzhen has a group of innovative economic representative enterprises with lofty aspirations, specializing in research and development. 

By studying practical cases, most of the Shenzhen enterprises that have successfully expanded to overseas markets have explored infinite possibilities.

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